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The Best Customer Experience

We strive to offer the widest variety of craft beer, wine and spirits to our customers. We take custom orders to bring in specialty products upon request, and we host regular tastings of local and international products. Pop on in and enjoy something new by our friendly staff and catered approach.

We also offer free ice with your purchase!

Everyone is Welcome!

Bring your kids in for a free lollipop, and we have treats for your dog too!


“Every time I go into this liquor store I am treated with the friendliest service. The staff are always so willing to help. The girl at the register today was so nice and was able to help me with something special for my brothers welcome home gift. Truly an amazing liquor store.”

Kaitlynn York

"Fantastic selection of local microbrews and assorted international options. Always end up with something new to try!"

Kent Ho

"The staff are amazing! I am a frequent visitor and know them all (I think) super friendly and helpful all the time!"

Cam Henderson

"Hidden gem with unique drinks you won't find at the BC liquor stores."

Sarah Hopkins

"Staff are always pleasant and happy to help if you need any assistance. They have a great variety of drinks you can't find anywhere else."

Judith Brown

"My new favorite liquor store!! So many tequila and quality wine options to choose from. Im not a beer drinker, but when I took a look around, I saw a few different types of beer I never knew existed, and would like to try. The staff are knowledgeable and ready to give recommendations. Prices are fair."

Michelle Kirk

“Such friendly people and great service! I bought a fair amount of alcohol for a bachelorette party that was supposed to happen out- side on the weekend of our recent heat wave- Lisa offered me a couple bags of ice with my purchase, but when I said I would have no where to store it until the party, she said I could stop by on the day of the party and pick up some ice! And, she helped me carry my purchase out to my car! I am still incredibly grateful for all her help and I will definitely stop by here whenever I am in the area :)”

Stephanie Hunter


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